Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And yet another thought

OK, I'm through Thing 2 in the program, but stewing around a bit with the resources listed at the end of the Thing. And I have another thought, or question. Is there something already in place that allows users to access material 24/7 for a fee? Here's the scenario I have in mind: we have any number of original scripts to Sherlock Holmes radio programs. Normally, when we get a request for a copy of the script, we make a photocopy and then send that, along with an invoice for the copy fee, to the requester. It would be nice to digitize these, have them available on our web site, and downloadable, but we don't want to make them available for free. We want to at least recoup some cost (and granted, maybe make a little bit of money to support related programs or acquisitions). And we want some way to control the content. We're happy to provide a copy of the script for the cost of the copy, but we don't want copies of copies floating around, unaccounted for. So, here's where the 2.0 world intersects the intellectual property world, and the rights management world.

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