Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thing 4 Option B

I'm having way too much fun with this which is why I'm spending more time on this at home as opposed to work. I just wouldn't get a whole lot done at work tinkering around the way I have. For the past hour or so I've created my own Flickr account and uploaded 200 images. One of the things I didn't catch is that the monthly display is limited to 200 images. When I was uploading the images I was paying attention to the other message I was getting from Flickr, i.e. that I was limited by the amount of monthly memory, 100MB. So I deleted some of the files for uploading to get it below the 100 meg limit; that left me with 219 images. But when I went to look at them all I got a message that some of my pictures would not be visible unless I deleted newer ones. I just left it as it was, figuring that the new month starts in a couple of days and maybe they'll become visible then. They did, after all, tell me that the photos hadn't been deleted; they just couldn't be seen (unless I wanted to upgrade to the premium version). I'll stick with the free version and just watch my monthly limits.

A few minutes later. . . I just went back to my Flickr account to pick out a pic to tag "23 Things On a Stick." When I did this the first time I forgot to add the quotation marks around the tag phrase so I ended up with the following tags: 23, Things, On, Stick. I went back and put the phrase in quotes to get it right. After that I changed the photo to "public" so that everyone can view it. At the moment its the only picture I've got marked that way, but I'm sure I'll change some of the others to "public" after a while. I just want to get the hang of working with this before I post a bunch of stuff to the world.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to post this to my blog. The instructions on Flickr are a little confusing, so I'll post this and come back when I've got things figured out.

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