Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thing 4 Option A

It was too soon to quit for the night. I went back and looked at the exercise for Thing 4 and realized I was close to finishing the first option (I'm going to do the second option as well), so went back to Flickr and found an image from one of my earlier full text searches. I used the keywords Sherlock Holmes Minnesota and got 3 hits. Two were of the Centennial Showboat (site of last summer's production of "Sherlock's Last Case"), but the photo that caught my eye was one taken in my own library, of an item I helped acquire for the Holmes Collections. Its a photo of our Linus statue, with Linus as Sherlock Holmes. The photo is by Krista76, who lists her occupation as "rhetorician." Our Linus was part of the "Linus Blankets Saint Paul" (#72 in the order of things) tribute to native Charles Schulz. The statue was a gift to the Collections by The Saint Paul Foundation and the F. R. Bigelow Foundation in memory of Ronald M. Hubbs, former chairman of the Bigelow Foundation and an active Sherlockian. The Hubbs Family have been generous supporters of the Holmes Collections, providing a gift for cataloging the book collection (a project that took three years!). Ronald's son, George, was the first president of the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections and his son, James (Jamie) served as a collection specialist for the Collection at the U of M for a number of years. So it was really neat to see Krista76's photo of "our" Linus!

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