Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing 15 Online Games and Libraries

Another Paris picture, this one of Notre Dame in the morning. Our hotel was about five minutes from here, but even so I felt myself drawn to this place more than once. Its probably the site we visited the most while in Paris. I wonder what online games might have some connection?

I have a patron who is very interested in getting us to have a presence in "Second Life." So far, I've been resisting, mostly out of concerns for time and work issues. But I haven't dismissed the idea entirely. It is, for me, really an issue of the stewardship of my time. I've got so much going on in the real world that I'm not sure I've got the time or energy for a second life in a virtual world. The other concern, at the moment, relates to my user demographic. I tend to have older users (graduate students, faculty) using our collections. There is a push on to make this material more accessible to younger users, so something like Second Life might be an avenue for this. At the same time, I've got three kids (two college age and one about to go off to college) and none of them are into Second Life. Guitar Hero, yes; SL, no. Finally, a little red flag goes up any time I see that something requires a little more computing power. I doubt, for instance, that the $100 laptops headed for the Third World can handle SL. So where, really, is the most bang for the buck?

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