Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing 18 YouTube and Other Online Video

I'm wondering what Napoleon might have thought of YouTube (that's his tomb on the right, another of our Paris visits). Everyone has the potential to be an online journalist, so I wonder what it would have been like if someone had a digital camcorder on the march to (or retreat from) Moscow, or on the conquest of Egypt. (A little 1812 Overture playing in the background?) Or maybe the Emperor would have had a camera himself and taken some shots (hand tucked from view) and put himself online. Ah, the world will never know.

And yes, here we have another bandwidth issue, with YouTube gobbling up lots of it. Again, not something for the 100 buck laptop crowd. I had to chuckle at the little message that went along with this Thing: "We recommend you complete this exercise during light Internet usage times." Today's the last day for e-filing those tax returns. I'm sure the 'Net is burning up right now. I certainly noticed some poor response times last night when I was working online. And I noticed it the other day when I was searching for "West Wing" stuff (for one of my earlier posts) and found a number of clips from the show, including C.J.'s "motherboard" rant to Josh. The clip kept freezing up. Thank you IRS, TaxCut, etc.

Oh, it was so good to see the "Help Desk" clip again with the two monks and the new technology of the book. And, since part of our assignment for this thing is to embed a video in our blog, why don't I just give you the "CJ Throwdown" from the West Wing (one of my all-time favorite shows.) Here it is.

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