Friday, April 4, 2008

Thing 7 Instant Messaging

Here's one that I don't use that much. The main use I make of IM is in the situation I find myself right now: monitoring a reading room. We didn't want the phone ringing all the time distracting our readers (the click-clack from the keyboard is noisy enough), so we went with Meebo as a way to communicate between the Reading Room and the eight units in the building. The problem, however, is that not everyone who should, signs on when there's a patron of their's in the Reading Room. So we sometimes end up calling the unit if there's a question. My unit is just a guilty as the rest. We have a reader here using one of our collections. No one from my unit is currently logged in, so I can't communicate with them through IM.

I know that there's some kind of IM functionality connected with my Gmail account, but I haven't played around with that to see what it could do. As to setting up a work account, I will probably do that shortly, as the CBI did (and which I noted in an early post).

One activity associated with this Thing that I can't do while I'm monitoring the Reading Room is to watch videos. So I'll do that when I'm back at my desk or later in the day.

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