Friday, April 11, 2008

Thing 8 Sharing

Another Friday in the Reading Room and still fighting this cold. Yesterday was a long day, but finished on a great note. I was the guest presenter for an advanced drawing class. The class has a project that involves using an archive, so the professor asked me to come and talk about archives. We were supposed to go for about an hour, but the class was so into it that it went closer to two hours. It was a lot of fun and will probably generate some additional use of the collections in Andersen Library. And, since it was an art class, I had some fun with my presentation and found some really interesting images online, including this one from World of Warcraft--The Curator.

There seem to be some server issues somewhere this morning as I'm having trouble making connections with a few of the sites. But I'll keep trying as I explore the various tools. The one that has the most immediate appeal to me is online presentations. That would have been nice to try for my presentation last night. Instead, I had my presentation copied on the loaner laptop and my memory stick. Everything worked out just fine (although I forgot to plug in the laptop and the battery eventually died). You learn something every time.

I just finished watching one presentation that I noticed on the SlideShare site. It was the title that caught my eye: "Death by PowerPoint." I experimented with posting it to my blog. We'll see if it comes through.

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