Friday, April 11, 2008

Thing 9

While I'm waiting for my presentation to be converted to the SlideShare format I thought I'd move on to the next Thing and see what's in store. Looks like its online collaboration. I can see a couple of possible advantages to this if you're working with someone on a jointly-written article or if you have some kind of committee or process document with which a lot of people are involved. So let me go explore this Thing and then I'll come back with some more comment.

OK, I'm back and a bit frustrated. I have a Google account, but I'm not being given access to the document that everyone was working on. I tried the link at the bottom to edit the page, but was told by the system that I didn't have access.

At this point, having looked at the Zoho site, and having problems with the Google site, I'm not going to take this Thing any further. I think the promise of collaboration is good, but it also seems to hinge on getting (or giving) the necessary people permission to work on a document. That might be a bit of a hassle.

As to what happened in Philadelphia during the summer of '76, I've always been a bit partial to the musical and movie, "1776." Every year, on or near the 4th, my family has made it a habit of watching the movie. I'd first seen the musical in Illinois at a dinner theater venue and then saw it again last year at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. Loads of fun, good music, and pretty good history.

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