Friday, February 27, 2009

One of those cool moments

Just have to share this before I head out and about; its one of those neat web 2.0 moments. With the time shift I've gone through, and being six hours ahead of the folks back home, I'm getting in the habit of checking e-mail at least twice--in the morning and the evening. That allows me to catch most of the people when I need to, depending on what time zone they're in.

But the neat thing is not about e-mail; its about chat. I went on to my Facebook page this morning just to check on things. I really didn't expect to find anybody up back home (it was 4 in the morning there), but noticed there was one online friend up and about. So I checked. . . and it was my daughter!! She has a part-time job sitting desk overnight in one of the dorms where she's a student. It was just so neat to connect. And so unexpected. We chatted for about twenty minutes or so and caught up on each others' lives a bit. That will be a moment I treasure from this trip.

Speaking of time shifts, she reminded me that when she was little (and had an early bed time) she would ask me what time it was in London. (I don't remember the origin of that question; it might have been related to my hobby of listening to shortwave radio broadcasts and her curiosity about time.) Part of the ritual, once we had established what time it was in London (usually about midnight or 1 am with the time shift) was also to say goodnight to Princess Di. It was a sweet time, and a special memory. Thanks, Kissa Who, for reminding me of that when we chatted.

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