Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"What's it got in its pocketses"

Guess I was more tired than I thought! It turns out that I hadn't checked all the pockets in my computer bag (its a new one for me, so I'm not yet used to all its hiding places.) Anyway, I found my missing camera cord!! So I'll be able to upload pictures after all.

I'll probably put the pics in two places: on my Facebook page as a photo album and, for those of you not on Facebook, on my Picasa page. Allow me to collect my wits a bit and then I'll post a link where you can see them on Picasa. If, for some reason, I max out on space in Picasa, I'll put them up on Flikr. Somehow, someway everyone should be able to see my pics from this trip.

Sorry I was a little woozy headed and not able to check ALL the places. But good news in the end. Now, time for a shower and sleep. The first batch of photos should be up tomorrow.

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