Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday in London

I couldn't resist taking this picture yesterday. Its of the "Texas Embassy" cantina near Trafalgar Square. I'm wondering if someone from the "Lone Star State" is behind this. Leave it to a Texan to create their own "embassy" in a world capital. Don Hobbs would be amused. Maybe he's visited?

Not too much to report; its a working day. I've spent most of the day catching up on writing, e-mail, updating my blog, working with photos, and keeping in touch with Andrew Lycett. It looks like we'll be getting together tomorrow. I don't know if Catherine Cooke will be able to join us, but am looking forward to seeing Andrew again. I may still wander up to the British Library for a few hours yet today. Other than that there's not much on in terms of wandering about the City. I'm still hoping to visit the Tower of London (the last item on my checklist of things to do and see), but we'll have to see how things unfold. I thinking at this point that most of tomorrow will be spent at the British Library. I may see if Kimberly is available for coffee. Its now coming up on mid-afternoon, so I may search the BL catalog and put together a list of things I'd like to look at tomorrow. Maybe I'll save the Tower for my last full day. The end of the trip is drawing nearer, but its been very good and productive.

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