Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still waiting for the Missing Three-Quarter

I'm still waiting for the Holmes story manuscript, but here's a description from the BL manuscript catalog:

50065. 'THE ADVENTURE OF THE MISSING THREE-QUARTER', by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; bef. 1904. Autograph fair copy with autograph corrections, partly in pencil. Differs slightly from the first edition printed in The Strand Magazine, xxviii, 1904, pp. 123-35, and reprinted in The Return of Sherlock Holmes, 1905, pp. 308-36. See B.M.Q., xxii, 1960, pp. 54-6. Formerly owned by Vincent Starrett (bookplate, f. ii; signature, f. ivb), and, until 1959, by Rollin Van Nostrand Hadley (bookplate, f. iii). Presented (inscription on f. vb) on the occasion of the centenary of the author's birth, 22 May 1859, through the Friends of the National Libraries, jointly by James Bliss Austin, Lew David Feldman, E. T. Guymon, Rollin Van Nostrand Hadley and Edgar Wadsworth Smith, all of the United States, and by the Sherlock Holmes Society of London.
Paper; ff. vi+26. Folio. Circa 1904. White vellum binding.

I'm hoping it will show up soon. We'll see.

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Dennis said...

Tim...Where and when was it last seen?