Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Man's Reach -- A Transforming Life, 5: An Early Life of Work and Learning

At the age of fourteen, Elmer joined his brothers at work for the Sheldon furniture factory in Muskegon. In 1926 he left Sheldon to attend the newly established Muskegon Junior College. He was a member of the first class and, on graduation, received the first diploma from the school. While in college, he held a sales job with J. J. Fagan and Company, a real estate firm, and also worked as a stringer for the Muskegon Chronicle, while starting a newspaper, the Bay Window, for the junior college. Not long after, Elmer and his brothers started their own company, Muskegon Realty, which also sold casualty insurance for the Mercury Insurance Company. "I matured fast in those years. I was selling homes and farms. I was selling insurance. I was editing a college newspaper and stringing for a daily newspaper. I was studying and learning about things I had never known existed. It was almost an incredible time."

Photo from Muskegon Community College web site

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