Friday, October 2, 2009

MinnPost - New alcohol problem for schools: hand sanitizers

The morning reading continues. Like many institutions, the U is actively promoting safe workplaces and plenty of briefings on H1N1 flu. We now have wipes (for keyboards and mice) and hand sanitizers at all of our main work stations. Signs recently appeared in the restrooms instructing us on good hand-washing technique. (Can you count to 20 or sing "Happy Birthday" real slow to make sure you've allowed the soap and hot water to do its thing?) We're developing decision trees and scenarios for "mission critical" conditions in the event of a larger outbreak. Interestingly, the Libraries are not considered "mission critical" in the event the University closes due to the flu.

At the first flu clinic to receive a "regular" flu shot, the line took 45 minutes to snake its way to the awaiting needle. I was there and am now vaccinated. But because of the popularity (or hysteria?) supplies of the vaccine ran low and later clinics were postponed. I'm wondering what it will be like when the H1N1 vaccine becomes available later this month. Masks were available while we were standing in line for those who felt the need, but they haven't shown up yet at our workstations.

This could be a very interesting flu season. So what's it like at your library?

MinnPost - New alcohol problem for schools: hand sanitizers

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