Monday, November 23, 2009

Live: Lorcan Dempsey--Discussion and Questions

  • the presence of social networking and possible fruitful conversations that we might have with those in the marketing world, e.g. Best Buy, Pancheros, who are using social networking as part of their marketing plan
  • it is good to be on the landscape, to have a good tone with those in the social network
  • the importance of community stewardship, e.g. things that are pushed to Flickr
  • the resident/visitor scenario. more data about what people are doing will help to improve services. the trade-off between privacy and convenience.
  • transaction costs. learning requires the expenditure of work:) don't want to get caught in the quality and convenience trap
  • experiences of newspapers, travel agents, bookstores. alignment of revenue models and use models. libraries will depend more on shared consolidation services
Next speaker on Dec. 17th

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