Monday, November 23, 2009

Live: Lorcan Dempsey--Emerging Pattern

Environments: back office/management; materials workflow; user environment; between Managment and end User Access

  • Bought/physical
  • Electronic/Licensed
  • Digital/Digitized
  • Special collections/Archives
Manage it-->Content-->Metadata-->Get It-->Find It

This results in a very complex environment, with legacy systems, etc.:
  • ILS, ERM, Repository, Special
  • ILL/Circ, Link resolver, special
  • OPAC, MetaSearch,A-Z,NxtBen, Website
Website intergration that gives something wholistic/organic

U of Michigan's web site does quite a nice job of wrapping around all these services, etc.

Industry pattern that you can see emerging==end-user environment with integrated discover and the management environment that has integrated resource managment

When you put the network in there, it gets a little more complicated, but can still see this integrated environment

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