Monday, November 23, 2009

Live: Lorcan Dempsey--First Network Interlude

Here's the first "interlude" in Lorcan's talk.

Attention switch
  • Then: resources scarce; attention abundant
  • Now: attention scarce; resources abundant
  • this flip is important because it tells us how people think about information
Workflow switch
  • Then: expect workflows to be built around my service
  • Now: Build services around workflows
Consumer switch
  • Then: More investment in business/eduction environments
  • Now: More investment in consumer environments
People are bringing more advanced expectations. Is this driven by the attention on the consumer? What, these days, do we really mean by "being available." If a piece is found, according to OCLC, in four research libraries, is it "available" or "effectively lost?"

"In an environment of scarce attention high transaction costs equals low/no availability."

Dave White's "Visitors and Residents" in terms of a presence on the web.

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