Monday, November 23, 2009

Live: Lorcan Dempsey--the Numbers

Lorcan's comments (we may also link to the UMConnect Presentation at some point):
  • This is the 3rd time Lorcan's been here to present
  • Discoverability report done by the U Libraries was done very well
  • How people do things, discover things and deliver things
  • Disclosure to the network
  • 4,316,022 WorldCat holdings
  • 575,542 UM contributed records in MNCat
  • 2,687,888 number of holdings attached to UM contributed records
  • 683,258 number of items held by 5 or fewer institutions
  • 1,603,701 number of items held by 25 or fewer institutions
  • 311 languages represented in collection
  • 233 countries of publication represented in collection
  • These are the stats/numbers as of July 2009
  • 784,796 UM owned titles in HathiTrust as of October; 20% of UM holdings
  • 12% of these titles in less than 25 libraries
  • retain the 12% as local asset; the stuff held by 25-100 libraries--shared research collection, regional consolidation; stuff held by more than 100 libraries--source print delivery with network provider?

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