Monday, November 23, 2009

Live: Lorcan Dempsey--Tentative Conclusions

Current will move to emerging pattern

Books: a new balance?
Journals: move to consolidation?
Discovery layer: need one?
Institutional materials: disclose through discovery layer, but also...
Analytics: let traffic influence design of website

Disclose and syndicate
  • institutional collections: is someone responsible for search engine optimization?
  • holdings: syndicate (knowledge base, holdings,...)
  • services: Libx, widgets,...
  • SEO. Consistent url patterns across services, hackable urls, bookmarking buttons, etc.
This is about interoperability with the web

User and institutional leverage
  • expertise, reputation (provide bibliographic tools,...)
  • watch identity management: prepare for when manage context (usage) and claims. (affinity strings)
  • integration with other campus systems (course management,..)
  • 'follow' and intervene? (
Usercentric mashups will continue to be important

  • seek collaborative sourcing models
  • externalize infrastructure
  • focus on distinctive impact
  • place local in bigger contexts
  • track identity management and reputation enhacement
  • recognize that things have changed
Presentation end. Time for discussion and questions

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