Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holmes Continues

What should I call it: a media outwash? a postprandial potation? Whatever it might be called, the goodwill, interest and exposure to our Sherlock Holmes Collections continues. Following the Fox 9 News interview we provided a number of tours of the library and collection and answered a number of questions about Holmes and how we acquired "all this stuff." Tomorrow I'll be on KSTP 1500 AM sometime around or after 8am and then at the end of the day I'll tour some Japanese VIPs from Keio University who have an interest in Holmes. They're here visiting our Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

And, for the moment, I'm off to sign new year's cards to our Friends of the Holmes Collections. Its always important to say "thank you" to Friends for their continued support. There is a lot we could not do without their help. Our Friends of the Libraries office staff and director of development help us remember to say thanks, lest we forget our manners. (It also gives us a chance, through the design of the card, to share something special with our Friends. This year its an illustration from the Kerlan Collection.)

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