Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogs Deleted: Something to Worry About in a 2.0 world?

I came across this story in my daily reading, a post by David Brauer on MinnPost. What especially caught my eye were the last two paragraphs that read thus:

The Strib, to its great credit, makes its archives free back to May 2007. But Kersten's blog posts are no longer there, and don't appear findable from the paid archives, either. I know it takes precious staff time and a bit of server space to migrate information to a new platform, but deleting any content — especially original content that roiled the news scene — is just bad policy.

I know some Kersten foes will relish the thought that her ideas have become less available, but I think that's shortsighted. For good or ill, she's a part of the Strib's intellectual history, and that should not be sent down the memory hole. I hope some library can at least grab the full blog archives.


Something else to think about in our brave new world of digital archiving?

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