Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Allen Mackler on U Media

Another audio resource has been added to the Sherlock Holmes Collections on the U Media Archive. This is a delightful production by the late Allen Mackler on "Sherlock Holmes and Music." We don't know exactly when Allen produced this tape, but it bears his mark in production, resources, and knowledge of the Holmesian canon. Included in the audio file are rare recordings that no doubt came from Allen's own collection along with his commentary. You may recall, from earlier postings on this blog about Allen, that prior to his coming to Minnesota he worked at public radio station WETA in Washington, DC. At the station he hosted programs focusing on the broadcast of rare recordings of classical music. Allen's first interest, as his obituary noted, was in classical music. Here, in this recording, you have the opportunity to hear Allen talk about perhaps his two greatest interests: music and Sherlock Holmes. If you want to hear it right away follow this link to the entry in the U Media Archive and click on the "play audio" button.

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