Monday, February 14, 2011

Charlie Boone Interview with Don Shelby and Derham Groves on U Media

Another new recording has been added to the U Media Archive from the Sherlock Holmes Collections. This audio file is an interview by Charlie Boone of Don Shelby, at the time a reporter for WCCO television and Derham Groves, then an architectural graduate student at the University of Minnesota, on Sherlock Holmes. The interview, on WCCO AM radio, was made just prior to the 1984 conference on Holmes hosted by the University of Minnesota. Both Shelby and Groves were participants at the conference. This was an off-air recording and the sound quality at times is not the best, but its fun to hear Don and Derham together on the air. The clip lasts about eighteen minutes. Our thanks to WCCO radio for allowing us to use this recording on the U Media site.

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