Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eugene McCarthy Audio Files on U Media

One of the many enjoyable partnerships I've been involved with was with Tim Pugmire at Minnesota Public Radio as Tim was working on a documentary of the 1968 United States presidential campaign of Senator Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota. We're fortunate to be the home for Senator McCarthy's presidential campaign records. Part of that massive collection includes hundreds of audio tapes made during the campaign and oral history interviews with many of the people involved in the campaign.

A sample of these audio tapes has been mounted on the U Media Archive web site. Most of the fifty-seven recordings currently on the site were digitized by Tim and his colleagues at MPR during the production phase of the documentary and digital copies were provided to the U of M Libraries. We've added a few more recordings since then and plan on adding more.

Some of the significant recordings include: the announcement by McCarthy of his candidacy for president; a campaign song by Peter, Paul and Mary; and the debate between McCarthy and fellow Democratic candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Many of the recordings are speeches McCarthy made on the campaign trail. There's plenty to discover, and we'll be adding more.

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