Thursday, February 3, 2011

Michael Harrison on U Media, part 2

I've located the other two recordings of Michael Harrison's talks given at the University of Dubuque, Iowa for "A Sherlockian Seminar," August 17-19, 1984 and am mounting them on the U Media Archive site. All three talks were recorded and edited by Allen Mackler and made available to interested parties. One of my predecessors in the department had the foresight to request copies -- Allen was living on the East coast at the time -- which I located in a part of the Holmes Collections dealing with what, at that time, was called the Hench/Shaw Collection. The first tape that we uploaded, and which was mentioned earlier in this blog, was Harrison's presentation "The Gaslight Era." This second recording is of Harrison's presentation entitled "The London of Sherlock Holmes." Enjoy!

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