Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More on The Informal Club

Both Andrew Malec and George Hubbs provided me with some more information on The Informal Club mentioned in a previous post. According to Mr. Hubbs "The Informal Club, founded in 1894, was a by invitation only group of men and women in St. Paul who met periodically for learned lectures and discussions (of course Sherlock Holmes meshed very well with this description)." Mr. Hubbs father, Ronald, was a member and his son was asked to deliver a talk entitled "The Influence of Sherlock Holmes on Society."

Mr. Malec pointed me to a book, History of St. Paul and Vicinity: A Chronicle of Progress and a Narrative Account of the Industries, Institutions and People of the City and its Tributary Territory by Henry A. Castle, Volume II, Illustrated (Chicago and New York: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1912). An online version of this book is available here (although the text has some typographical problems due to how it was entered). If you search for "Informal Club" in the full-text version you'll find an lengthy discussion on the history of the club. A Google Books version of volume one is available here.

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Renny said...

Researching a book this evening and came across your blog. I just purchased a copy of a 40 year history of the Informal Club dating from 1934. I haven't paged through it much, but maybe I'll drop a note when I have. Let me know if your are looking for anymore specific information about the club. I can be reached at renny@rennysbooks.com.