Thursday, February 3, 2011

U Media -- MPR's "Take Out" from 1987

Another new audio file has been added to the U Media Archive from the Sherlock Holmes Collections. This is an off-air recording of an interview that took place as part of a Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) program called "Take Out." The host for this program was Beth Friend. In this particular excerpt the interviewees are three Sherlockians -- E. W. McDiarmid from the University of Minnesota; Pj Doyle, local editor and writer; and by telephone from Sante Fe, New Mexico, John Bennett Shaw, premiere Sherlockian collector. MPR was very kind to grant permission for the mounting of this excerpt on the U Media Archive. Its a thrill to hear all three, but I'm especially drawn to the two who are no longer with us, but who had such an impact on the Sherlockian landscape -- McDiarmid and Shaw. The date of the program is September 14, 1987 and it runs to just under a half hour. Take a trip back in time and enjoy the ride!

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