Monday, March 21, 2011

The Adventure of the Socially Incorrect Surveillance

Another recording has been uploaded from the Sherlock Holmes Collections to the U Media Archive. This one is a humorous Sherlockian production with script written by Art Schroeder and produced by Randy Getz. The players in the production included Bill Cochran (Dr. Watson); Randy Getz (Narrator); Ed Moorman (Col. Moran); Mary Schroeder (Sherlock Holmes); Gordon Speck (Mrs. Hudson); Debbie Tinsley (Inspector Lestrade); Michelle Bettis, Carrie Schroeder, Mary Schroeder (Hoe Tones); and Art Schroeder (Hoe's Spokesman).

According to the tape label "This episode was recorded from a live broadcast at 'The Game Is Afloat' convention, 9 October 1993, St. Charles, Missouri and was a production of "the Victorian Broadcasting System." The production runs to just under twenty minutes.

Our thanks to Bill Cochran for his assistance and Mary Schroeder for permission to post this work.

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