Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"These Days in San Diego"

On December 9, 1996 the public radio station in San Diego, KPBS, featured Sherlock Holmes as a part of its daily program "These Days in San Diego." This is the newest addition of audio files from the Sherlock Holmes Collections to the U Media Archive. Our thanks to KPBS for permission to mount this recording.

The program, hosted by Dan Erwine, featured two guests. Willis G. Frick joined Erwine in the studio and Bruce Southworth joined the conversation by telephone from Minnesota. Many of us know Mr. Frick through his web site Sherlocktron's Holmepage. Bruce Southworth is a Baker Street Irregular and member of the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota.

The tape of this broadcast was a gift to the Holmes Collections from Bruce Southworth. The file runs to about 47 minutes.

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