Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Is Your Life, Moriarty

A humorous birthday greeting tape apparently done by or for "The Brothers Three Moriarty" is the latest addition from the Sherlock Holmes Collections to the U Media Archive. The recording is a composite of a number of greetings from the following: Moriarty's Estate Agent -- Thom Utecht; Fourth Grade Teacher -- Gordon Speck; Swiss Banker -- Graham Sudbury; Geology Professor -- Peter Blau; Family Cook -- Jennie Paton; Moriarty's Mom -- Allen Mackler; and Math Master -- Peter Crupe. A note with the tape indicates the following individuals provided the voices: Thom Utecht, C. Bryan Gassner, Peter Blau, Martin Gassner, and Joyce Simpson. The recording dates from 1993 and runs just over sixteen minutes.

Jim Hawkins, in a tribute to John Bennett Shaw, noted this about the Moriarty scion society and Shaw's connection with it: "His home-made stationery showed Holmes, with deerstalker and pipe and magnifying-glass in hand, poring over a map of New Mexico with the town of Moriarty in view. Moriarty, the town, was important to Shaw's local scion, The Brothers Three of Moriarty. Their annual trek to that pitiable village was called the Happy-Birthday-You-Bastard-Moriarity."

The New York Times, in an article on the centenary appearance of Holmes, reported the following about Shaw and the Brothers Three: "From Sante Fe, N.M., came John Bennett Shaw, secretary of the Irregulars, who said he has the country's biggest collector of Sherlockiana (12,000 books). His club in New Mexico is called the Brothers Three Moriarity.

'The club is named after the three Moriarty brothers in the Holmes stories,' Mr. Shaw said, pointing to his pin. 'Our club insignia is three J's - all three were named James - with the middle one being a crooked J because Professor Moriarty was the crooked brother.'"

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