Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Richard Gutschmidt on UMedia Archives

Twenty-four new images have been posted to the Sherlock Holmes Collections in the UMedia Archive featuring the illustrations of Richard Gutschmidt (1861-1926) from the 1906 German edition of A Study In Scarlet published by Robert Lutz in Stuttgart.  An additional three images are posted from a prospectus from Lutz on the Holmes adventures.

The edition from which these images come is in unbound signatures and comes from the collection of the late John Bennett Shaw.  The prospectus is from Shaw's collection as well.  Another 1906 edition, bound, is in the Holmes Collections and is part of the Philip S. and Mary Kahler Hench Collection.

According to the website Pinacotheca Holmesiana "Richard Gutschmidt was the first German illustrator of the Canon, illustrating six books for the Lutz-Verlag in Stuttgart."  These include A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and three compilations of other Holmes adventures.

The Joseph Fach Gallery website indicates that "from 1884 until 1891 Gutschmidt studied under Ludwig von Herterich (1856-1932) and Ludwig von Löfftz (1845-1910) at the academy of arts in Munich. Here he worked as a painter and illustrator after his studies.  He became well known for his illustrations for the first German editions of the detective novels by Anna Katharine Green and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and for the numerous works of art he contributed to the exhibitions at the Glaspalast in Munich during the years 1903 until 1926.  He was a member of the Munich artists' association and of the Luitpold group."

The Hench copy contains a wonderful note by Dr. Hench on the front flyleaf.  It is dated October 25, 1961 and reads: "This and a few other old volumes of Sherlock Holmes (most of them in Czech) were given me today on our departure from Prague.--Given me by Dr. Brenova [sp?]. I am on the plane enroute from Praha [Prague] to Zurich (with Mary).  As I (just) opened this book to examine it the pilot announces we are over Stuttgart & sure, we are! Coincidence:-this was printed in Stuttgart some years ago & now it's "flying" high over Stuttgart."

The UMedia Archive now contains 778 records for images or audio files from the Sherlock Holmes Collections.  We hope you enjoy these new materials from the Holmes Collections.

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Azeem Mahmood said...

The edition from which these images come is in unbound signatures and comes from the collection of the late John Bennett Shaw.