Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Error Message and Done with Thing 4

Well, I'm getting an error message on the Flickr site that says "Something appears to be wrong with the Blogger service. Please try again later." So I will try later. In the meantime, here's my picture from Paris of the BN. I'm going to look at the resources, but at this point I think I can consider myself basically done with Thing 4.

Before I quit, one other quick note. I noticed earlier that all my posting times were off, so I checked the settings and saw that it was set for Pacific time. I changed it to Central time, so all should be right in the world, time-wise.

The picture was taken while I was in Paris, about a week before Thanksgiving 2007. I went there to visit my younger son, who was doing a semester abroad. He was studying in Montpellier and came up on the train to meet me in Paris. A transit strike was going on while we were there, so it was interesting (to say the least) getting around the city (and to and from Montpellier) during the strike. The Metro wasn't running, or running sporadically, so we did a lot of walking. At the end of a long (but very fun) day we ended up at the BN. I was able to catch the last light of the day reflecting off the building. It was a great trip!

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