Friday, February 29, 2008

More With Thing 6

I created something else, which I'll post here and then come back and edit this since I need to leave and give a tour. OK, back again. My tour was for some students from the MLIS program at St. Kate's. I figured I'd just edit this post and add to it instead of creating a new post about online image generators. This, indeed, will be a fun tool to keep in mind. I like the idea of creating customized things, be they calendars, trading cards, or other kinds of images. I couldn't resist doing the license plate thing, since I've always wanted a Minnesota license with this tag. "Keeper" was my nickname in my former job (and a nickname that I'm actually very fond of.) I was reminded of the term during a trip to Oxford in 1991. In the status of things, a Keeper is the highest level of curator or archivist within the Oxford system (which is probably true for Cambridge and other libraries/archives as well). You are the Keeper of. . . . Part of me just likes that image and the real sense of stewardship that is behind it. Speaking of stewardship, I have a number of projects (and clients) in need of attention. On to the next Thing.

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Ann WS said...

Nice blog--glad to see you are working through the Things and enjoying them. I love the list of questions in the sidebar. I am going to look into them and use them in the newsletter!