Friday, April 18, 2008 Again (With Some Baseball Thrown In)

Is this a medieval social network? I know its a woodcut from one of our rare books, but I feel a little like the guy at the desk, working away on some more follow-up after my journey through the 23 Things. I just spent a little more time on my site editing some of the tags that were created during the export/import process. I spent a fair amount of time with the tags that were imported, removing the "import" tag and putting something a little more meaningful in its place. In the process I learned some more about editing, went to a new site and used my new tag button on my browser to put that site into my database, found out a little bit more about bundling tags (which I haven't done, yet, but wanted to find out what it was all about) and generally had fun organizing my stuff.

I can definitely see how this is going to pay some dividends when I'm working on a computer at home or some place outside the office. It will be great not to have to worry about hunting through all the bookmarks (even though they were fairly well organized in folders) and to add new sites to the list as I continue to travel through the Web. I've also started to share more of my posts with the larger community and also think about those things that I'll keep private. Most of those sites will probably involve personal or work-related sites that don't have a wider appeal.

But soon the work week will be done and it will be time to turn my mind to other thoughts. Tonight I'm heading down the street to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to watch the Twins play the Cleveland Indians. A couple of years from now we'll be able to enjoy baseball in the out-of-doors, where it should be played. Sure, on a night like tonight, it will be a little on the cool side, but I'm really looking forward to sitting in the new stadium, watching the Twins. I'm guessing it won't be as noisy as the Dome (my Dad's ears were ringing for days after he went to one of the World Series games in 1991), but it will have its own flavor and atmosphere. Almost every day I go by the site where the new stadium is being built. Its fun to watch it go up.

One of the things I try to do when I'm at a conference during the baseball season is to try and catch a game. When I was in St. Louis for the RBMS conference a few years ago I saw the Cardinals play one of their last games in the old Busch Stadium. When I was in Denver long ago for an SAA conference I saw the Rockies play in Coors Field. I'm hoping to maybe catch a Dodgers game when I'm in LA this summer for another RBMS conference (if the schedule and transportation allow). Maybe my attachment to ball fields goes back to my undergraduate days, when I'd sneak away to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. Or even farther back, when I was a young boy, when my friends and I would get one of our parents to drive us to old County Stadium to watch the new team in town, the Brewers. (Somewhere, in one my boxes or drawers, I have a foul ball that I caught off the bat of Reggie Smith from the Boston Red Sox during batting practice.) Or when I was really young, at the fringes of memory, and went with my Dad and Uncle to a Twins game in old Metropolitan Stadium. Baseball. . . its in the blood. Go Twins!

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Lynne Thomas said...

I was at that Cardinals game too! Although I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan, and married to a guy who bleeds Cubbie blue...