Thursday, April 17, 2008

A New Blog Addition: Shelfari

One of the widgets I've noticed as I've gone back and read a number of the 23 Things blogs from Metronet is Shelfari, so I decided to join and add a bookshelf to my blog so folks could see what I'm reading. I generally have two or three books going at the same time, so after a bit of tinkering with the widget I went with a three-shelf bookcase. It doesn't overwhelm the sidebar of my blog and lets me keep three books in view. I haven't joined any groups or invited friends yet, but that might come later. I did notice that there were a number of Sherlock Holmes groups that have been formed. The largest has 142 members and seems fairly active, so I might jump into that group.


katy180 said...

Im trying to get my shelfari to show on my blog, at this stage it is just producing a link to my shelfari page... was there a special trick?

Tim Johnson said...

Are you using the Shelfari widget?