Friday, April 4, 2008

Thing 7 Web Conferencing

Well, I'm fighting a cold so after hosting this month's "First Fridays in Andersen Library" I wrapped up a few things at work and headed home. I'm sure my staff is happy that I'm not spreading the germs. I'm missing my T1 connection, but checked out the videos for this Thing on my slower DSL connection and am now listening to Tom Peters' podcast. One question that did come to mind is what equipment is necessary for web conferencing; I don't know that I've seen much in terms of equipment lists or stuff needed for this Thing, but I've got another reading or two to do so maybe I'll find the answer there.

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Ann WS said...

To listen to podcast/webcast, you just need a computer with an internet connection (and headphones if sound is an issue) and a mic if you are participating. There are lists of equipment to create podcasts/webcasts
on the Web, but you really just need a mic, a computer or recorder, and sound-editing software like Audacity. Webcasting (like OPAL or MINITEX) requires a bit more skill and equipment. YouTube videos on the other hand...